Garbage Pickup BostonOur team of professionals are always ready to help you solve your junk removal problems, regardless of what form they take. Our city garbagemen do a fine job, but they won’t clear problem appliances out of your basement, they won’t help your aging mother carry her useless old TV to the curb, and they won’t save the disabled vet down the street from the humiliation of dragging the drywall scraps from his garage renovation down to the dumpster one by one. If it’s not in the proper city bin, down by the curb, it’s not in their job description. Well, it IS in ours. Give us a call and let’s talk about setting up a regular garbage removal schedule for you; one that’s designed to suit your needs.

Items Removed

If you have trash to be hauled away, just put in a bag, a bin, or a box, and give us a ring. We’ll be there in no time flat to get it out of your way, and let you get back to your to-do list. No matter what it is, we’ll get it out of your sight: newspapers and magazines, musty books, stacks of outdated documents, food waste, old clothing; whatever it is, we can haul it out. If you have mobility issues, daily tasks like taking out the garbage, to say nothing of the kinds of cleaning and home renovation projects (that even healthy young folks struggle to finish on time) can become never-ending frustrations, with deadlines sprawling out to months and years while you grow more and more numb to the buildup of trash. Take action today with Junk Services of Boston and take your home back from the garbage monster.


Although we provide service to the entire metropolitan area, Junk Services of Boston is headquartered right here in the heart of dear old Beantown. But make no mistake, whether you’re out in Waltham, up in Wakefield, or down in Weymouth, we’re ready to come to you. From Wenham in the North to Walpole in the South, nobody covers Boston like we do. Our clients range from regular joes to CEOs, and include everyone in between. There’s no limit to our willingness to go the extra mile for our clients. If your municipal waste removal organization lacks thoroughness or discipline (a sad reality these days for many of us), try the experts for a change. You won’t be sorry you did.

Who Can Benefit?

It’s not just the elderly and physically challenged who enjoy the benefits of a private garbage pickup service. In fact, many of our customers are busy professionals who aren’t home often enough to deal with garbage buildup. But a contract with Junk Removal of Boston clears up this problem in an instant. If your family members need a little assistance getting all the household waste to the curb, we’ll be there, and we won’t leave your trash bins tipped over and spilling in the street. Frankly, we shake our heads when we see some of the carelessness that passes for trash removal at the municipal level these days. Hire us; affordable rates and the highest quality of service is just a phone call away.

Cost and Disposal

Do you have a loved one who’s healing from a recent surgery or injury? How about an adult child who’s just purchased their first home, but doesn’t live in a neighborhood with the high quality of services you’re used to in your neighborhood? You might be surprised how affordable private garbage removal services can be. You don’t need to establish a regular service: why not try us once, and see the difference for yourself. Our drivers take your trash to the same dump the municipal teams go to, the only difference is we treat you like a person, not an address, and we make our living by making sure you’re satisfied with your service.