Furniture Removal BostonNot every item of home furnishing is meant to last through the ages. These days, manufacturers rarely risk putting themselves out of a job by making products to last beyond a generation or two, and even the best made and most well-loved sofas, easy chairs, and kitchen tables get damaged, pick up stains, or just outlive their usefulness. You’ll always have those photographs of you enjoying your old furniture; but there’s no need to suffer with squeaky, dirty, possibly even insect or microorganism-infested home furnishings. There’s no need to bother your friends and family, or ask around online to see who has a truck. Let Junk Removal of Boston take care of the problem for you. If you have good quality, gently used furniture that you simply don’t have room for, we’ll drop it off at Goodwill, so another family can give your well-loved old couch a second life.

Size of Items Removed

Do you have a bookshelf that wobbles every time you walk past, or a fishtank that’s been cracked since the Clinton administration? We’ll pick it up for you. How about Aunt Ethel’s coffee table gathering dust in the basement, or that recliner that sounds like a car accident every time you pull the lever? We’ve got you covered. Even king sized beds or multi-section sofas are well within our abilities. If you have any questions about a unique or custom built item of furniture, just drop a line and send a photo, so we can choose the right sort of vehicle to carry your item.

The Benefits of Furniture Removal

Ever walked past one of those houses with stuff bursting out of every open space; with old microwaves on end piled ceiling high with dusty phonebooks? We sure have, in fact, we’ve even been those folks. It’s easy to judge til it happens to you. Not everyone with a whole other house’s worth of furniture piled onto a 50 square foot screen porch is a certifiable hoarder. People inherit furniture when kids return from college, when storage spaces get cleaned out to save money, or when elderly relatives pass. Usually the clutter is seen as a temporary inconvenience; one that’ll get dealt with after this next project at work, after the kids’ basketball season ends, after the holday season dies down. We rarely have time to take care of all the projects around the house that need doing, so things pile up. When you’re ready to clean house, call Junk Removal of Boston, and we’ll help you take your home back from the clutter monster.

Types of Furniture Removed

If it’s furniture, and you don’t want it, chances are we can handle it promptly and easily, and leave you to get back to your life. We take entertainment centers, sofas, love seats, recliners, coffee tables, kitchen tables, dining room tables, night stands, bedframes, kitchen chairs, and more. If they can make it, we can take it! Many of our clients have elderly parents whose homes have gradually become more and more cluttered and precarious as the years have rolled by. Help mom and dad have a home that doesn’t work like an obstacle course. Our polite and hardworking staff will be in and out, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your loved ones aren’t dodging that three-legged easy chair with the burst stuffing, or that crusty unplugged toaster oven by the hall door every time they go to pick up the mail.

Where Do My Things Go?

Sometimes customers wonder what happens to their old furniture; a few have even joked that we might be making a secret fortune in the used furniture racket. Oh, how we wish. Trust us, we thought about it. A quick persual on eBay will show the sad truth. It’s not easy to sell old furniture at all, and a lot of people give it away. That’s how you got yours, remember? Even the antiques market isn’t what it used to be, as classically minded Bostonians already know. So, on one hand, if you like French 1700s chaise lounges, you can probably get one for a pricetag that’s got a zero or two fewer than you could thirty years ago. But, the flip side of that is that used furniture isn’t much of a market. For that reason, we take good quality, gnetly used furniture to Goodwill for donation, and what Goodwill won’t take, we take to the dump.