Dumpster Rental BostonYou just bought a fixer-upper in Boxborough or Sharon. It has more personality than you ever dreamed of, but the features needing TLC are endless, and your workday isn’t. Frankly, neither is your checkbook, so you decide to do the work yourself instead of wasting truckloads of cash on an architect with a dedicated construction team. Always a good plan, and there’s not much a little elbow grease can’t fix. But without a good dumpster, your job might turn ugly fast. Junk Removal of Boston has dumpsters to rent for commercial and residential removal of broken drywall, plumbing garbage, or anything you need removed.

Dumpster Sizes and Pricing

Rent the right dumpster size for your job for a full 7 days and finally clear out all the garbage that’s been blocking you from completing your renovation or construction job. We can even move your dumpster from one site to another, or from the back to the front of a single site to make all your jobs more efficient in one swoop. We have 10, 12, 15, and 20 yard dumpsters, to suit the task you’re up against. They are priced at $260, $270, $300, and $330, respectively. Call us today.

Acceptable Materials

Sometimes our customers aren’t sure if certain things are allowed in the dumpsters, so we usually tell them “if you can break it, we can take it.” Asphalt roof shingles, linoleum, tile, and wood flooring are all fine. Cardboard, paper products, lumber, and drywall are not a problem. You can dump vinyl, steel, wood, or aluminum siding without worry. Mattresses, box springs, old furniture, sheetrock, plaster, glass, foam, and plastic are all acceptable too. Call us for more details.

Non-Acceptable Materials

Some items can’t be removed in a dumpster. Appliances first and foremost. We have a separate system for removing your furnaces, washer-dryer, water heater, fridge, dishwasher, stove, or HVAC system. Any electronics such as stereo systems, TVs, computers, or printers, can all be removed separately.  Of course, Boston and surrounding communities have ordinances that control the disposal of hazardous materials. Junk Removal of Boston cannot dispose of lead-based paints, solvents, animal remains, or any kind of hazardous or inflammable waste. If you have any further questions about what can and can’t be removed, feel free to call our friendly staff for answers. We’ll give you a quick estimate of your costs based on your job, and suggest times when we can make your waste removal problems go away.

Drop Off and Pick Up

You have enough on your plate. As full-service junk removal experts, we take pride in making your life easier. Why work with a company who expects you to pick up and drop off your own dumpster? Let Junk Removal of Boston bring you an empty dumpster and haul it away once it’s full. Each dumpster can hold 3 tons of waste, and we can rotate in as many as you need. No job is too big. For major construction projects, talk to us about an extended rental agreement that will save you lots of money over one off rentals.