Commercial Junk Removal BostonBusiness owners know how quickly their business equipment and furnishings need replacement. And inevitably, whatever can go wrong, will. Chances are, if you bought it in the past few years, it’ll need repair or even replacement this year. Now, you might imagine that the sofa you bought for your reception area, or the fridge you purchased for your break room will last longer and pick up less wear and tear than your home unit, but in fact, people take worse care of the appliances and furnishings at their office than they do their own possessions. That rough handling adds up. When you need a quick replacement for your waiting room chair set, HVAC system, restaurant stove, industrial hot water heater, or office refrigerator, get in touch with Junk Removal of Boston; we’ll help you make space for your new professional-grade gear.


We work with a wide range of businesses, from academic institutions like Boston College and Northeastern University, to cutting edge tech companies such as Raytheon and General Electric. When it comes to the medical industry, we’ve done junk removal and commercial cleaning for Mass General, Boston Children’s Hospital, and New England Baptist. Mizuho Bank, J.P. Morgan, and Kessler Financial Services are just a few of the prominent financial organizations to whom we’ve provided our services. But there’s no need for you to be on the cover of Forbes if you want to work with us! Junk Services of Boston still remembers when we were the little guy, and there’s no job too big or small for us.

Benefits of Commercial Removal

Cluttered spaces are not competitive spaces. Every cost in your home or business has been carefully calculated. Every item that takes up space in your office needs to ‘pay its way’, so to speak. If not, then its presence is a drag on your system. When you free up space in your office or garage, you’re making space for something more useful and valuable, something that can help you make more profit, or live and work more comfortably. An open, neat space sends a message to employees that efficiency is part of your work culture, and to customers that you take pride in your thoroughness and discipline. Workers take greater pride in their company when the office is tidy, and quality of life goes through the roof when your home doesn’t feel like one big rental storage space.

Items Removed

Junk Removal of Boston maintains a fleet of trucks and dumpsters of varying sizes to meet your needs. We can haul away any old furniture, hardware, machinery, rubble, or equipment you might need removed. We’re experienced with all the various forms of junk that result form construction, renovation, and demolition, whether it’s furniture, HVAC systems, kitchen equipment, metal debris, drywall, or plumbing detritus, for a reasonable fee, we’ll get it out of your way and out of your life. Our efficient, prompt service has earned us accolades from homeowners, small business owners, and CEOs alike. Find out more about our commercial removal services by contacting us today.

Costs & Lead Times

The best companies provide the best products quickly at the lowest price. We know that our reputation is built on your respect for our ability to provide junk removal more effectively than our competitors. When you contract a commercial removal project with us, we’ll dispatch a team of seasoned professionals to deal with your problem at the absolute soonest time our equipment becomes available. A state-of-the art digital communication system, plus good old fashioned quick thinking and hard work, make Junk Removal of Boston your best choice. There’s a strong chance we can solve your problem before dinnertime if you contact us in the morning. If we’re experiencing a high volume of work, our staff will make certain your problem is solved as soon as it can be.