Appliance Removal BostonThere’s nothing quite like using a brand new appliance for the first time. You put the work in comparing prices and reading reviews, you balanced different features against the length of the warranty, and you picked the one that fit. The only thing that hits a sour note is that old dishwasher taking up space on your front porch or blocking your garage. Junk Removal of Boston steps in here. Now you can get back to enjoying the convenience of your new dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, or HVAC system.

Items Removed

Your aging parents still have the same appliances they bought new when you were young. You’ve grown and done a lot of work since then; well, so have those old washers, dryers, and fridges. Every time you visit for the holidays, you think how nice it would be to get mom and dad something new. This year, why not make it a reality? Once the new TV, microwave, range oven, and dishwasher arrive, don’t leave the old ones around to collect dust and get in the way. Call us, and together we’ll clear the junk away and make sure your parents’ daily life is efficient and neat. We even take smaller items like coffeemakers, blenders, cake mixers, and stereo systems.

Appliance Removal Cost

You can’t put a price tag on the feeling that comes with having an uncluttered yard, garage, or basement. It’s perfectly logical to try to save money by telling yourself you’ll haul it to the dump yourself, but between your job, the kids, and enjoying the little things in life, who has time? Don’t wait until the city fines you for letting grimy old appliances rust on your back lawn. Call us today and enjoy your peace of mind for an affordable, prompt change of pace.

Lead Times & Accurate ETAs

We know your time is money, and we respect your busy schedule. Nothing shows the caliber of a company better than whether they do what they say they’re going to do. Nobody likes waiting until 3:15 for the maintenance guy to show up when the head office said he’d be there between 9am and 3. When you contract with Junk Services of Boston you’ll take advantage of our organized, efficient scheduling system and service focused professionals. Because you shouldn’t have to worry about taking a sick day just to get your useless old appliances removed.

Appliance Drop Off Locations

Do you have a crock pot that soldiers on but looks like a fixture from The Brady Bunch, or a coffeepot that still brews but your kids say they saw it on Antiques Roadshow? There’s nothing wrong with being thrifty, but when you’re ready to treat yourself to something made THIS century, give Junk Removal of Boston a ring. We’ll take your functional used appliances to the local Goodwill. There, they’ll get a new lease on life with somebody who really needs an affordable option for brewing their morning joe. Everybody wins. You get the new appliance you’ve been dreaming of, and a needy resident somewhere in the Athens of America gets the good quality product at a reasonable price they deserve. What about those appliances that have toasted their last slice of bread? We clear them out of your home and bring them directly to the dump.