Businesses and homeowners, welcome to Junk Removal of Boston; hauling service specialists. We know you’ve been eyeing that brand-new 28 cubic foot 4-door brushed aluminum smart refrigerator online. You know, the one that knows what you’re thinking before you do and costs more than a year of college back when you were a kid? Well, now your own kids are complaining about your old fridge, with its broken vegetable bin door and those stains around the icemaker, and don’t even start about that awful shade of avocado that looks like the carpeting in your first apartment. When you finally decide to ditch that old buzzing monstrosity in favor of the sleek new refrigerator of your dreams, give us a call. We can probably be there tomorrow to make way for your new purchase!

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We are providers of high quality junk removal services in the Boston area. Our receptionists are standing by to help you set up an appointment to begin your new life, free at last from the burden of outdated, rumbling, inefficient household appliances. We’re here for you. During the 44 years we’ve been in business, Junk Services of Boston has acquired a fleet of 4 heavy duty hauling trucks, and 14 professional dumpsters, each of which can carry up to 4 tons. No matter whether your junk problem is big or small, we’re the ones to call.

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Boston Junk Removal Services

Don’t wait for that one nosy, busybody neighbor (we all have one) to call the city about the junk appliances that have made their way on to your property. Everyone finds themselves running out of space now and again, and unwanted appliances are one of the worst space-wasters known to man. When its time to open up some breathing room in your home, office, or rental property, call us first. We’ll help you and help the less fortunate in the process. By dropping your gently used furniture and appliances at Goodwill or other charity services, we can make sure that out most vulnerable communities have easy access to working appliances at a reasonable price.

Appliance Removal Boston

Appliance Removal Boston

Looking for rapid response hauling for useless appliances? Beantown chooses us first, and with good reason. We’re in the business of solving your problems, ASAP. When you’re ready for a new dishwasher that doesn’t leave your dishes covered in more spots than a leopard with chicken pox, put us into your speed dial. We can un-hook and remove your old dishwasher the day before the delivery crew brings your new one. It really is that easy.

Furniture Removal Boston

Furniture Removal Boston

Not many people have free time these days. If we aren’t working overtime, picking up kids from school, working a second job, or going back to school, we’re supporting a loved one who is, while making sure that we, and everyone in our home, has three square meals, a leak-free roof over their head, and an outfit to wear that doesn’t look like it came out of the free box in the local library. Who has time to haul that worn out old sofa to the dump. Where is the dump, anyway? Let us take the problem off your hands. If you have need of furniture removal in Boston, we’re the ones to call first.

“When my husband and I got married, we made two lives into one. Unfortunately, we also made two apartments’ worth of furniture into one overcrowded house. When we decided which items were the best, we had a truckload of rickety old shelves, tables, and chairs that needed to go. Junk Removal of Boston came the very next day, and we couldn’t be happier.” -Sheila E.

Commercial Junk Removal Boston

Commercial Removal Boston

Building managers know how renovation projects can go over-time, over-budget, and send your blood pressure over the moon. As soon as one contractor runs into a problem, the next one in line tells you he can’t wait any longer, and he’ll get back to you sometime next year. That’s where Boston Junk Removal steps in. Whether you manage an Air Bnb property over your garage, or a multi-unit condo with hundreds of residents, when debris, drywall, lumber, metal, or roofing materials are cluttering up your property and preventing the next phase of your property’s facelift, call us for the most reliable commercial junk removal in the Hub area.

Residential Junk Removal Boston

Residential Clean Out Services Boston

Owning rental property is one of the most popular ways to make additional income in America today, and with rising prices of food, healthcare, and education for the kids, more and more people are trying their hand and property management. Whether you’re a newcomer or an old pro, you’ve probably already noticed that some tenants make the sort of messes that you never could have imagined, even if a Hollywood director had hired you to do set design for a ‘rental manager’s worst nightmare’ horror film. Ready to have that pit of a property cleaned up in a jiffy? Call us now.

“I never imagined a dryer could be so heavy until I tried to pick one up myself! I’m a pretty handy guy, and I used to lift weights in high school, so I figured I could work it up the basement stairs myself. Well, let’s just say about 10 minutes and a strained rotator cuff later, I decided to exercise my thumbs instead. What an easy process that suddenly became. Junk Removal Boston is staying in my smartphone contacts list for good.”

-Howard L.

Garbage Pickup Boston

Garbage Pickup Boston

Our brave city workers are out in all kinds of weather, throughout the year, and they always do their best. But they can’t handle every problem, and with their loaded dockets, and there’s always a politician rewriting their job description and reimagin-ing their duties. Unfortunately, when someone re-organizes their workday manifest, it might be YOU who realizes the trash hasn’t been picked up in a week. Good luck get-ting a call through to the right office. We, on the other hand, are here every day, rain or shine, and we won’t give you the runaround. Your garbage pickup is already taken care of.

Dumpster Rental Boston

Dumpster Rental Boston

Construction site managers know what many home owners sadly do not: city ordinances governing what can and cannot go in various types of trash receptacles can be weaponized against you if you make honest mistakes while removing junk, refuse, and unwanted goods from your property. We’ll help you figure out the kind of receptacle best suited to your needs, so you can clear away the trash and let your property finally come shining through.

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Waste management is our business, and we take the environmental health of our community and planet seriously. Here at Junk Removal of Boston, we practice responsible trash removal, and are able to bring recyclable materials to proper facilities at your request. If you have working condition items to be removed, we may be able to bring them to a donation site here in the city, making certain that our more disadvantaged neighbors have a chance to enjoy the things you no longer need. Experience the difference you’ll feel from working with seasoned professionals by contacting us today.